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Handcrafted Jewelry and Gemstone Sculptures

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I cut cabochon gemstones and carve thematic pieces from gemstone rough using dental-type tools.  I also fashion handcrafted jewelry, and from time to time I offer faceted gems from other cutters around the world.

My work is for sale. I can send  prices on items pictured, including ones used as decoration throughout this site. For complete descriptions and prices on other pieces handcrafted by Tim Hicks, visit our Open Market.

I enjoy working with unusual and little-known gemstones.  I feel strongly about using gemology to confirm gem identity, and about full disclosure of possible treatments to the buyer.  For a summary of my thoughts on how proper ID is a cornerstone of quality, and for a biography, please consult my thoughts on “Toward Defining Quality”.

See me at work in a short movie “Popsicle Sizzle”.

I hope you have time to look.

Tim Hicks

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