The Hawaiian Fishline Sinker

Ancient Hawaiians sculpted weights, usually from basalt, often up to 4"x6," to sink large baited hooks deep into the ocean.the recess at top was not just ornamentation, but to allow the stout line to be snugly wrapped to prevent tangles. my representation, of green and gray jadeite (Polar,  Ural,  Russia), is about 3.8 centimeters tall.   It hangs from a hook-shaped fitment of argentium sterling, threaded and with a handmade miniature nut. no new trees were felled to  provide for the handmade hawaiian koa wood stand (Acacia Koa).   The artist traveled to the 6,500-foot-level of Mauna Loa to purchase chunks of musical-instrument-grade wood.   A meadow was filled with  huge koa logs, toppled, perhaps by a great storm, which had lain, waterlogged against rot, covered by moss and hapuū tree ferns, for an estimated 200 years.